Monday, November 3, 2008

Pix from 1 Nov Rally

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently learnt that a DBS Relationship Manager had informed me that she had asked her retired parents to buy the DBS High Notes 5 and regreted. So if her parents fall under the "vulnerable" category, they would be given first priority to be compensated by DBS. So what about us that do not fall under this "vulnerable" category but were being "mis-sold" of this product by the RMs?

Anonymous said...

Carry on the good job HNIG!!Let's continue to fight for wat is rightfully ours!!

Zhi Yuan said...


This is another article on DBS's letter of rejection:

Pls update me on the latest developments in your meetings. I will get it out in the fast possible time to cyberspace.

As you know, even the journalists are monitoring our blog for news.

I can be contacted at: or

my personal email at:

Thanks !

Zhi Yuan said...

Hi there,

Can you help me get a message to your mailing list ?

For those investors attending the DBS Forum tomorrow, I am willing to pay a honorarium of S$50 for a short video recording of the forum lasting not more than 5 minutes

Interested parties can email me at

Sunset Stream said...

Can't help but wonder. How many of the people who bought DBS High Notes were actually POSB account holders? If POSB hadn't merged with DBS in 1998, would this have happened on such a large scale?

S.C.Chan said...

This is a video from youtube, taken in Hong kong on the protest carried by the people there during Halloween

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

A nation disgrace, our Singapore reputation down the drain as a foreign institution in HK..