Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Straight Answers to Your Questions by HNIG

We have created a two page leaflet on the sorry saga of DBS High Notes 5 product. It contains useful information on the sale of such toxic Lehman-linked structured deposit financial products.

If you have read it and found the information beneficial, you may like to send it on to your family and friends. Hopefully in the future, we can all avoid the pitfalls of such flawed products and selling methods.

The leaflet can be downloaded here -->
HNIG - Straight Answers to Your Questions



Donaldson Tan said...

We should document the entire incident on Wikipedia, so that it will never remain forgotten.

tkh said...

In view of yesterday's news on DBS To Cut 900 Jobs, it may be timely
to encourage RMs with conscience to come forward or provide proof on
how they were trained (or not trained, or asked to lie) on selling these products.

If we are able to gather more of such statements from RM it would be evidentially beneficial in proving that these RM were under immense pressure to push or hard sell such high risk products as 'low risk' products, equivalent to long term FD and backed by the 'reputable' govt backed bank.